About Me

Who am I? Well, who are you?

I am me. Some people call me Jill; actually, most people do, but I’ll answer to whatever suits the moment. And I’ll tell you more about me at some point in the future if I get around to it. Maybe. How about right now? *SIGH* Okay. 😛

The short version: I’m thirty-something. I like to draw, make art and write. Sometimes at the same time (I’m a master of multi-tasking like that). Sarcasm is just one of the fine services I offer. I am an aspiring playwright with a couple of completed short plays under my belt, with more in the works. I am also a screenwriter currently working on an indie film project. I do graphic, print and Web design. I love cats. I’ve done the whole social thing in other formats over the years through paper journals, newsgroups, LiveJournal, MySpace, Facebook, etc.. I have been a part of this World Wide Web thing since 1996. Things will of course evolve over time as technology does, so my scraps, abandoned as some may be, remain in various places on the Internets and offline, too. Good luck looking for them. 😛

More to come…this is just for now. Have fun storming the castle! -Jill 😀

Your Two Cents (Or Nonsense)

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