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Time is Precious.

So, there were a few topics I wanted to talk about this month, but April kind of flew by, and was met with some rather awful stories in the news, which made me realize those other things just needn’t be written about right now. So, while plenty can be said about bullying (it’s been a hot topic on the ‘net as of late), not to mention other random topics I feel passionate about, right now, let’s just remind ourselves how precious life is. One never knows what’s around the corner, certainly not in this world of ours. I’ll keep this short, I promise. 😉

I want to share something that a certain favorite actor wrote to me many moons ago (one of many bits of correspondence we’ve shared over the years), and has stuck with me all these years, especially when bad things happen and I can use a reminder to keep life in check:

Time is precious; 
Use yours to live a good life,
And take care of yourself.


Simple, short, and sweet. Just like life. If we don’t stop and take care of ourselves, find the best way to use our time, and look out for each other every once in awhile, it may not be until something bad happens before we take the time to appreciate what we have. Ours is the only life we have full control of at any given time, after all. Let each day be a gift, and use those gifts to make your world the best it can be. Give the world, yourself and those you care about a nice hug every once in awhile, and they will give back, and then some. Time may not be on our side, years pass by in what feels like only a minute, but make it count. 🙂

P.S. – Thank you for the kind words and encouragement over the years, Steven; I appreciate them more than I can ever say. My best to you always, too. 😀

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